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Sep 29, 2012 6:00am EDT
problem when i came in as governor of the state of wisconsin, john. we were in debt and i came in and with democrats in control of both houses of the legislature, cut taxes 91 times. we reformed spending in the legislature and the state. we were able to create 742,000 jobs. the biggest increase in jobs ever in the history of our state. we turned the state around. i can to the same thing at the federal level. what do we have to do? we have to put in a balanced budget amendment around then we've got to request that every federal agency comes in with a 5% reduction from what they got the previous year and give the secretaries the opportunity to be able to get rid of programs that don't work. nobody in washington ever gets rid of anything. but if you would give the secretaries who run the departments the opportunity to cut back 5% and get rid of programs, you will see the federal government, just like the state did, run more efficiently and better. >> representative baldwin? >> thank you. let me talk about what i would cut in order to grapple with our deficit and our debt. i'd end
Sep 28, 2012 8:00pm EDT
to reform the internal revenue service. i've worked with george bush and john mccain to normalize relations with vietnam. it was a wonderful bipartisan accomplishment that i am proud of. it is not just identifying republicans. the rules have to change, and i promise you, i believe i can persuade americans to amend the constitution, to allow the congress to ban both outside money and limit the amount of money in campaigns because it is corrupting our political decision-making. we need to change the rules of the filibuster and reduce the number of committees, to reform the congressional pension. there are many changes that need to occur, not just identifying somebody that i can work with, but who am i going to fight. i will be fighting with mitch mcconnell and harry reid on a regular basis. >> thank you. you have 30 seconds for a bottle. -- rebuttal. >> throughout my adult life i have been fortunate to serve on a number of boards, commissions. i was a school board member over 20 years. you learn to work with people. on a school board you work with educators and people with the community. i ha
Sep 25, 2012 6:00am EDT
that are working. st. john's hospital in springfield took the medicare -- medicare population and with quality and control and customer satisfaction they were able to reduce $17 million in medicare payments that were owed. as a result, they got a bonus of $4 million. that is incentivizing. we need to incentivize prevention and spending less money. many of the government's entitlement programs, medicare and medicaid are all coming to a cross. they are coming towards a financial cliff where we will not be able to save them if we do not make drastic cuts now. i would propose block granting the state's money based on population to deliver health care for seniors and people over 55. i feel the state's would be more close to the people of this date, more apt to listen to the legislatures and provide you with a better service for your dollars. i think anytime you expect the government to manage your money efficiently, we can look at the record of spending money recklessly with mismanagement. i feel we really need to make some tough choices or we will all be left with nothing. >> would you like to res
Sep 28, 2012 10:30pm EDT
, especially at iowa. seeing the way that john edwards interacted, there were problems between the two of them and it was very revealing about his personality. it tells a lot about this person. >> i don't have much more data on those experiences. [indiscernible] i think ann romney was quoted the other day about the criticism that her husband is getting. i got a lot of the males -- emails on our blog varying from good for her to "doesn't she get it?" or "imagine if michelle obama said that." it was probably not something that the campaign wanted as a structure of a statement. she was talking about her husband and talking about seeing her husband. the responses that you chose to run for office. what we demand of our candidates is a lot. even for the criticism that he is getting about not doing enough in terms of events, he is doing a tremendous number of fund-raising, having a discussion about whether we should do other things. it is incredibly hard and incredibly grueling. it is impressive that they don't make more mistakes and off-cue moments. myan't imagine watching husband go through that. m
Oct 1, 2012 10:00am EDT
john roberts as well as scalia, elena kagan and clarence thomas. >> on friday, the federalist society how the discussion previewing the supreme court term. they will consider a challenge to the 1965 voting act, at the legality of a surveillance program, and an affirmative action case. from the national press club, this is about 1.5 hours. >> good afternoon. i am doug cox. welcome to our september luncheon. today's event is sponsored by the societies practice group, the lawyers chapter in the faculty division. our program is a little different from the regular lunches that take place in chinatown. there is no kung po on the menu. the new supreme court term promises to be one of those very important things. we have pulled together an all- star panel of experts to give us their thoughts and insights. our moderator today is pete williams. he is well known for being one of the first journalists along with his colleague to get this right on that december evening with the decision came down. we're grateful he is here today. >> each of our panelists has a set of want to talk about. whole time
Sep 28, 2012 2:00pm EDT
statistics. also joining us from pittsburgh is john mendeloff, the director of iran center for health and -- rand center for health and safety, in the workplace. mr. mendeloff, could you explain what the rand center is? guest: yes, we work with both labour and management will work with how to improve public policy and research safety and health injuries. if we have studied many different government programs to see if they are working. we have looked at innovative ideas to see whether they are worth passing on to other governments and trying out. that has been our focus. we have the support of our rights report of a number of corporations, and also labor unions. host: and you have listened to our conversation so far and heard some of those statistics. what are some of the solutions to either improve the workplace, especially when it comes to fatal injuries, 4609? what are some of the recommendations that the rand center has made? guest: let me provide some perspective on that. in the year after world war i ended, there were 3000 workplace fatalities it just in the state of pennsylvania
Oct 2, 2012 6:00am EDT
. we did the same thing in 1993. and i worked with john kasic and newt gingrich rich, and it got the job done. we balanced the budget. the unemployment rate was going down and poverty rates were going down. other than that, it didn't work. i didn't like the welfare bill. i voted against it because i didn't believe it provided the kind of child care and work support we needed to provide. we came back in, in 1997, and did it. i don't oppose of people receiving welfare to have to work. i think it is a good thing to do. i was governor in 1983 when we were in recession. we had no tax increase over that food. -- four years. we lowered the tax on ford. the governors will tell you. spend more money here, spend more money there. and we held the line. in this campaign i have endorsed republican proposals to cut spending. the conservative senator from oklahoma. i am proposing to cut congress today. it simply isn't true to say that i haven't supported spending cuts, because i have done plenty of it in the past. >> thank you. senator fisher you have a 30- second rebuttal. >> this was a signat
Oct 1, 2012 8:00pm EDT
. i liked the bill. john kerry and joe biden voted for the bill. that was an important piece of legislation. vote againstp cutting spending, requiring people to work for their checks, and against that landmark legislation? >> i did not boast against -- i did not vote against cutting spending p. i work with john t. sick and newt gingrich in 1997, and eat a balanced budget. it got the job done. the balanced the budget. we were paying off debt. the unemployment rate was going down. other than that it did not work. i did not like the welfare bill, because it did not provide the kind of child care support that we needed to provide, and became in in 1997 and did it. i did not require -- i did not oppose people of the kind to have to work. i do not disagree with that position at all. to say that i have opposed spending cuts is inaccurate. i was governor in 1983 when we were in recession. week lowered the tax on food as a consequence of a significant effort by the legislature. it was every interest group in the state that lined up. spend more money here, there. we held the line. in t
Oct 2, 2012 1:00am EDT
am trying to do something about that. >> senator brown. do you think john kerry would be a good secretary of state? >> yes. i do. i think he has a very good knowledge of world affairs. is the real leader on that issue. and i looked to his guidance. and when we are dealing with foreign issues, yes. i would. >>. two minutes. i want to do two important questions. this has been a hard fought race. in each show something that you admire about the other this morning? >> i think that senator brown has a lovely family. he does. [applause] >> and i agree with him when he voted for -- to get rid of the do not ask do not tell. i think that was right of him. i agree with him, very much. >> certainly, she is a very hard-working accomplished professor. and she is certainly very qualified. she is a very hard-working family as well. as a matter of fact, i have heard from parents to of actually had their kids being taught by her, and they say she is wonderful. will do everything to mature that she can continue to be in that position. [laughter] [applause] -- i saved the most contentious for last
Sep 24, 2012 8:00pm EDT
socialized medicine. >> i am also a student from johns hopkins in applied economics. i want to provide a book into the debates because of the beginning of both moderator's us specifically -- both moderator's asked specifically what you would do to spur job growth. i was wondering if you could just walk through what are the biggest considerations you think a small business person thinks before they make an investment decision or a hiring decision or they consider whether the federal budget would be balanced, the sigh of relief. do they consider what the tax rate is going to be, or do they want to know whether be enough demand for the good or service before i make this decision. i wonder if you could rank those three or conclude not -- or include other considerations. >> they regularly asked what the biggest concern is, and what you see as the economic crisis unfolds and as we have gone forward is the percentage of small business people who said worried about who whether their customers are going to be there next year tripled and became the highest concern, and it stayed up there as the highest
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10